3D printers WANHAO Duplicator 4

3D printers were until recently only for professionals and experienced users.

However in the last years there were created also 3D printers allowing you to print

comfortably at home (according to the price, size and easy handling).

One of such 3D printers is Wanhao Duplicator 4.


3D printer Wanhao Duplicator 4 is the right printer if you want to create

and print the models at home.


Technical specifications:

Measures: 320 x 466 x 382 mm

Weight: 17 kg

Print speed: 40 mm/s

Extruder temperature: max. 230 °C recommended

Heated pad temperature: max. 120 °C recommended

Nozzle diameter: 0,4 mm

Filament diameter: 1,75 mm

Filament material: ABS, PLA a iné

STL, GCode

Compatible with: Linux, OSX and Windows

Universal  power source: 220-250V, 50/60Hz

LCD display a control panel


1 194,00 € with vat

Parameters and Specifications

Print material
Print area 12,6 x 18,4 x 15 cm
Total space fro modeling 12,6 x 18,4 x 15 cm
Layer thickness 0,1 mm
Dimensions 320 x 466 x 382 mm
Weight 17 kg
Print speed 40 - 150 mm/s
Power 230 V / 120 W



The printer is dispatched with 2 filaments samples (1x ABS a 1 x PLA)

Extruder  New!  MK9 Dual-Extruders

Filament diameter: 1,75 mm

Layer: 0,1 mm - 0,5 mm

Object measures: 225mm x 145mm x 150mm

Filaments: ABS, PLA

Software: ReplicatorG (Opensource), Sailfish (Opensource)

Printer color: black